CREADUCTION focuses on houseware items and tries to offer workable solution to the clients who may have specific requirement on products, by integrating relevant sources including design, development and manufacture, etc.

Always, CREADUCTION discovers the beautifulness around, an elegant line, an attractive surface, an impressive shape, and tries to combine them into product development. Following the principle as simple, practical and aesthetic. Imaginative designer are invited to contribute their ideas to enrich our developments and therefore offer more possibilities to our business partners. OEM/ODM projects are important part of our business as well.

Always, CREADUCTION collaborates with reputable and reliable partner factories (including 5 manufacturers for stainless steel items, 3 manufacturers for porcelain items, 6 manufacturers for parts & components), involving in depth in process study, as to find the best way for economical production and quality control. Our partner factories are competent in the line, serving for years for known brand names in the markets, with volume production capacity and powerful development capability.

For years, CREADUCTION has been making efforts to do something different but keeps its faith the same. As a combination of creation and production, we build product, and support our clients to make value.